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Why Your Roku Enhanced Remote Isn’t Able To Control Volume And Power On TV?

Roku Remote Isn’t Able To Control


A non-functional Roku remote could have several reasons behind it. When it comes to the most common problems that people face, then those are the inability to control power and volume option. Let us find out how to fix all these issues.

To easily access the Roku player, the company has provided Roku remote, which is a very elegant, compact and feature-packed device that will make using the Roku device a lot easier. Roku enhanced remote consists of wireless as well as IR technology, and both the remotes work in a flawless manner with the Roku device. Yet, many people are not able to control volume and power feature of the Roku device through their Roku remote.

Can’t hear music during setup

If you are not able to hear music during the setting up process and have even tried increasing the volume using TV remote, which incorporates fresh batteries, then here are the steps that you will have to follow:

  1. Make sure that all the devices that you have connected with your Roku player support audio over HDMI. In case you are using overhead projectors, then you won’t be able to hear anything as they don’t have speakers.

Not able to mute music with Roku enhanced remote:

When you are not able to mute the music while setting up the device, then you are going to see a prompt on the screen where you will be required to enter the brand name of your TV, after which, you need to setup your device again. If you still aren’t able to program your Roku Enhanced Remote, then follow these steps:

  1. If there are too many devices installed between Roku and TV, then remove a few of those. Reason being, you have to identify as to which device is creating problems during setup. You can setup Roku remote without the device if you want.

Why Roku Enhanced Remote can’t control volume and power simultaneously?

There are more TV brands today then there was ever in the past. Every TV that you see on the market come with a remote control. Every remote control has a different set of codes. While setting up a remote, your Roku device will try to deplete the list of possible codes on the specific TV brand and will program Roku enhanced remote to the right code.

There is a possibility that the code has been programmed into the remote at the time when you hear the music being stopped has the ability to either control volume or power. However, you can use a different code for the TV brand, as with that, you could easily control both volume and power. You can try a number of other codes on your Roku Support device if you want, as for that, you will have to restart the setup process for Roku enhanced remote followed performing below-given steps:

  1. If you hear ‘did the music stop playing’ just after the music stops, then you shouldn’t answer that question. What you need to do is, increase the volume with TV remote until you start hearing the music.
  2. If you say ‘No’, then the Roku will proceed to try the next code.
  3. The next time the music stops, then you need to say ‘Yes’, and you will be able to program Roku enhanced remote with a new code.
  4. In some cases, you may have to repeat the process. Answer ‘no’ to multiple codes before you find the code that controls both volume and power.

Roku heats up

If your Roku remote is heating up, especially from the back, then do the following:

  1. Stop using the remote for a while.
  2. Keep the remote on a hard surface to let it cool. Don’t remove the batteries until the remote becomes cool.

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