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What Are The Troubleshooting Steps For A Not Responding Roku Remote?

The operation of the Roku player is done with the help of a remote, which also makes a lot easier for the users to operate the device. But, people have experienced certain problems while using the remote, so if that’s the case with you, then you can take the help of a technical support for Roku player. They are the ones who can guide you through the troubleshooting process. Roku player works extremely fine with the help of a remote, so you must ensure that your remote is in a fully functional condition.

Roku player comes with a remote that helps users to easily change channels, play, pause, stop and start option. It is extremely important to have a remote because it provides a lot of convenience to the users. But, sometimes what happens is that, the remote gets malfunctioned. So, what are we going to do in this blog post is, discuss all the troubleshooting steps that one can follow to get the remote in the working condition. The steps are common for MacWindowsAndroid and iOS users. The remote can easily work on Roku 2 and the models above it.

You have to press the pairing button

  1. Remove battery cover and open the battery compartment.
  2. Press the pairing button and release it after a few seconds, and you will see the pairing lights.
  3. Don’t see the pairing light? Change the batteries of the remote.
  4. Check the remote once again.

Power-cycle the Roku and remote

  1. Unplug the Roku from main power and then, re-plug it after 20 seconds.
  2. After the Roku player booting, remove the remote batteries.
  3. Now, reinsert the batteries and check if the remote is working or not.

Again pair the remote

  1. Remove the cover of the battery and press the pairing button for about 3 seconds and see if you see a pairing light.
  2. You will also see a remote pairing dialog box on the screen of your TV.
  3. If nothing happens, then you need to get Roku com support.

Try re-pairing the remote after clearing it

  1. Remove the battery cover by opening the compartment.
  2. Remove Roku player for the main power.
  3. Press and hold two buttons, i.e., (A & B) on the remote and press pairing button on the RC while holding the other two buttons. The pairing light will flash, which means that you should release the buttons. Moreover, you will see three more flashes, which indicates the clearing of the remote.
  4. Connect the Roku with main power.
  5. Put the RC into pairing mode by pressing pairing button and holding it until you see LED flashes.
  6. You will see a message pertaining to the pairing on the TV screen once the Roku player is fully rebooted. Then, you are going to see that the Roku paired with the remote. You can also do it by going onto Roku com link.

If all the above steps don’t prove sufficient enough to get the issue fixed, then you have to do a factory reset. The information about it can be obtained at www Roku com support.

  1. You have to determine the reset button, which is probably at the back of your Roku player or could be at bottom. In Roku streaming sticks, it is at the top. Hold that reset button for around 20 seconds and it will factory reset your Roku player. For more information, you can log on to support Roku com.

As everything in the Roku player occurs with a link code, so you have to find that Roku com link code in order to pair the remote. You are most likely to find the code there, but if you don’t, then you can take Roku help, which is easily available on the web.

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