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What Are The Right Roku Link Settings For Activating Roku Streaming Device?

Getting a Roku media streaming player means getting the best-in-the-class streaming device for your daily dose of entertainment. If you haven’t got the chance of setting up your Roku device, then don’t do it until you read this entire post. There is a series of steps that you need to consider in order to properly set up and install your Roku player. Of those steps, the step of activating Roku is very important. For activating Roku, you must have Roku link activation code.

For activating Roku player, you must have a Roku account to which you can link your Roku player. If you want to create a Roku account, then go to, click ‘Create Roku account’ and follow the procedure. All some basic details about yourself, and verify your email. Having a Roku account will give you the ability to manage and control the apps that you install on your Roku, change settings, personal preferences and payment method.

Activate Roku media streaming player:

  1. Connect your Roku device to the internet, and when it does, Roku will automatically download the new software.
  2. Your Roku media streaming player will display a link code, which will be an alphanumeric code that you will have to enter.
  3. Enter the code at ‘’ page, which you can open on your computer or smartphone.
  4. After entering the code, click submit, and you will see the screen on your TV being changed once the code gets approved.
  5. If you encounter any problem while searching the page where activation code needs to be entered, then I would suggest that you should get in touch with Roku support.
  6. Make sure that you complete all the steps given at www Roku com link website before going back to Roku player, or else your Roku player won’t be activated.
  7. Follow the instructions given on the website to create a Roku If you have a Roku account already, then you will have to log into your account using the correct credentials.
  8. While creating a Roku account, you will have to enter a payment method, which is going to the ability to pay for the subscriptions of your favorite channels, buy or rent movies and TV shows, etc. All the things that you wish to buy can only be done through the Roku channel store.
  9. You will not be charged for adding a payment method, as the only time the payment will be deducted from your account is when you chose to buy or rent any movie or TV show, or while subscribing to any paid channel.
  10. In the payment method, you can add your credit card, which could be a MasterCard, Visa, American Express. You can add your Debit card and PayPal account as well.
  11. You can also create a PIN for your Roku account. This will protect the account from any unauthorized buys.
  12. Once the activation process is done, you can start using your Roku player.

For any issue, you can take help of Roku setup and support experts. They will assist you with the issue that you are facing with the activating process of Roku player.

Description: To be able to watch anything through Roku player, you will have to perform all the necessary steps related to Roku setup and installation. This includes activation of Roku as well. Find all the right steps for Roku setup and activation at

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