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Watching Live TV On Roku: Channels That Offer The Best Live TV Service

Watching Live TV on Roku is supposed to be wonderful experience. Roku is one of the few companies that has evolved big time over the years. Now, Roku is a much bigger brand than what it used to be in the past. If you are using Roku streaming player and want to know how Roku can be used to watch Live TV, then let us give you a few good options as to how you can do it.

  1. Hulu with Live TV: Despite being new to live TV, it offers a wide range of content that you can access by paying a nominal price. You will get a complete package consisting of cable TV channels along with conventional Hulu streaming membership. Hulu offers a package with more than 50 channels that include ESPN to Cartoon Network. If you think that was enough, then you’re wrong, as Hulu with Live TV will get you 50 hours of cloud DVR storage along with on-demand content that are absent in Hulu’s streaming service.
  2. Fubu TV: If you are interested in the best sporting content live on your TV, then you can opt for Fubu TV. You can watch Formula-1, NBA, soccer and a host of other sports events quite easily. There are some channels that you’re going to miss such as ESPN, Syfy, MSNBC, Bravo and so on.
  3. Sling TV: Unlike other channels that offer big packages with lots of channels that you may not watch in the future, Sling TV offers smaller packages with lesser but popular channels that you will definitely watch on a daily basis. You can opt between two Sling packages, i.e., Sling Blue and Sling Orange.
  4. Philo TV: This app is basically designed for students living in hostels, college dorms and independently. There are 43 channels available in the package offered by Philo TV and the price to pay is $16 a month. You will get a bunch of top channels in the package such as MTV, CMT, BET, AMC, VH1, and Comedy Central.
  5. PlayStation Vue: This is a product by Sony and therefore, one thing is sure, it is rich in entertainment. PlayStation Vue incorporates cloud DVR, streaming TV and on-demand content in a single package. The base package includes 45 channels and it costs $44.99 per month, but if you want a bigger package with more channels, then you will have to pay $79.99 per month in which you’ll get 90 channels. In the packages, you are getting a whole gamut of channels, from CNN to ESPN.
  6. DirecTV Now: While opting for DirecTV Now, you will get 65+ channels at a price of $40 per month that includes local channels as well. You will be able to enjoy a broad range of channels at such an economical price.
  7. YouTube TV: You will get more than 60 channels in the basic package that is offered by YouTube TV. Channels like Fox News, ESPN, E!, FX and AMC. The price of the package is $40 a month and it includes unlimited DVR as well.
  8. NewsOn: If you want to enjoy live local news without subscribing to a whole service, then you can opt for NewsOn, which is a free streaming channel that is available on Roku.
  9. Haystack TV: This channel brings both international and local news from more than 200 sources directly to your TV set. Moreover, the service is free of cost and you can easily access on your Roku device.
  10. CBS News Live 24/7: If you are interested in watching the evening news, then you can get CBS News live 24/7. You will get from breaking news to election related updates on this platform.
  11. Pluto TV: This is another free streaming TV service, but it gets its content from internet streaming networks. You will get more than 100 channels that include movies, music, entertainment, nature, and news.

Use the aforementioned channels to enjoy live TV on Roku. If you come across any issue, then you can take the support of Roku setup and support providers.

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