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The Right Way to Go About Roku Stick Setup

Roku streaming stick is a tiny device that you can connect into the HDMI port of your TV in order to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. But, to have all the fun, you need to set up the device in the right way.

Roku streaming stick, a pen drive like device is packed with some entertainment. To be more precise, if you have Roku streaming stick at home, then you don’t need any other device to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Just have this device plugged into the HDMI port of your TV and then, you can begin with the setup process.

Roku can get you the world-class content in the best video quality, so what else do you want! But, in order to enjoy your favorite content, you need to first setup Roku streaming stick, which is exactly why this blog has been created. We today will be discussing the right steps to setup Roku streaming stick.

Start with checking whether Roku streaming stick works with your TV or not.

If your TV has got an HDMI port, then you can stick this tiny Roku device into it. If Roku stick isn’t connecting to the HDMI port, then don’t worry, you need an HDMI extender cable, and you are good to go.

Setting up Roku Streaming Stick: The entire process

Choose a language

  1. After you have connected Roku streaming stick, you can turn it on. When you do that, the first screen you see would be of ‘choosing a language’. What language you chooses is what you are going to see all the text and dialogs in.
  2. Scroll up and down the list and then, press ‘OK’ button on Roku remote to select your preferred language.

Note: There will be some channels that may not support the language that you have selected, so that is up to the channel publisher to translate the content of their channel.

Connect Roku Streaming Stick to the Internet

  1. From the list of available networks, you need to select your wireless network. Enter the password to the network. Make sure that the network that Roku streaming stick is connected to is same as other devices.
  2. Enter the password to the network carefully to avoid getting into any issues.
  3. After entering the password, your Roku streaming stick automatically connects to the internet.

Hold on until Roku streaming stick downloads the latest software

  1. Roku streaming stick will download the latest software as soon it finds the internet.
  2. After the latest software is downloaded and installed, Roku will reboot.

Set the Display Type

  1. You will have to select a display type and allow your Roku streaming stick to auto-detect the most suitable display resolution to getting into the nuisance of configuring the settings on your own. You can change the ‘display type’ later if you want. For that, go to ‘settings’ followed by ‘display type’.

Create a Roku account and activate Roku streaming stick

  1. In order to activate Roku streaming stick, you will have to link it to your Roku account. Your Roku account will help you control everything in your Roku device, i.e., the channels, the payment methods, personal preferences and settings.
  2. For activation, you need to enter Roku link activation code, which you will be entering at page.
  3. After activating Roku stick, the device is ready to use.

Take help of experts if you find any issue in any of the above-mentioned steps.

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