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Some Safety Instructions Related To Roku Media Streaming Player

Roku always designs all its media streaming models keeping its safety standards in mind. Apart from this, considering any electrical device say for example Roku, you must utilize it in a proper manner so as to protect yourself and device from any sudden electric shock, fire, personal injury, and property damage. We have explained some safety instructions here in this post. You must read all these instructions and keep them in mind.

  1. Read all the instructions, precautions and warnings given on the Roku guided manual.
  2. Do check the power supply after regular intervals of time.
  3. If any of the devices is cracked or broken, then stop using it immediately. Disconnect the device from the power supply and check the faulty cable. Replace it and connect the device to the supply again.
  4. In order to protect yourself against electric shock, you must keep the Roku player away from direct sunlight, water, and
  5. Roku is meant only for limited countries, so you must use at selected locations.

What about handling and its use?

  1. Don’t perform any vigorous and forceful gestures on Roku remote for any operation.
  2. Keep the remote and the headphones of your Roku media player away from children. They may spoil the device.
  3. If you are using the Roku headphones at high volume, then you may face a problem in hearing the sound. For this, you must restrict the timings for listening to music and don’t play any music at full-level of volume.
  4. If you find any cable ties, fastener and plastic bag inside the Roku media player box, then dispose of them properly. Don’t place these things at a level where children can come in contact with it. They may damage it.
  5. Don’t touch any cable during the electrical wiring problem or electrical storm.
  6. Keep the foreign particles away from Roku accessories and devices. You can cover your Roku with a soft cloth in order to prevent particles from entering through ducts.
  7. Don’t place your Roku near to smoke, liquid or steam.
  8. Keep the Roku device within the range of a home Wi-Fi network, otherwise, the device won’t be able to communicate with the servers, smartphone, and channels installed in it. Try to place the router and modem in open. This will not affect the signal level.
  9. Don’t place any object above the Roku or on the top of it. This will result in an overheating
  10. Don’t drop, crush your device.
  11. Don’t repair the device on your own as the system is so complex that you can fasten the screws easily once opened. It can result in malfunctioning of the device.
  12. If you are thinking that any damage if done during dissembling of the device is covered under warranty, then it is a false The Roku Company doesn’t cover such products whose seal is tempered or repaired at the local level. Always go to the official Roku store.

We hope the safety instructions discussed above will help you in keeping your device safe and protected from sudden hazards. In case you want to confirm anything, you can contact Roku customer support.

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