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Roku OS 9 Is Rolled Out and It Has Some Great Features For Users

Roku has unveiled a new operating system by the name of Roku OS 9. The OS has already been rolled out on select Roku players and Roku TVs. There are a few major highlights in this new OS such as the inclusion of Google Assistant and support to a number of music programs like Spotify and Pandora Premium.

Roku is broadening its ecosystem by offering its consumers new features and functionality, which will result in much better streaming. Roku is running a single operating system all across its devices, which is what gives the brand the ability to innovate the audio and entertainment experience in their homes.

Now, users will be able to level the volume of the streams automatically, but the feature is available on Roku streaming players and select Roku TVs regardless of its pairing with Roku TV wireless speakers.

New features that users will experience after updating their Roku players to OS 9.

  1. Google Assistant: Roku has joined hands with Google and taken a very exciting feature from the company, i.e., Google Assistant. With this feature, it is now possible for you to search for content, launch channels, play and pause the content. Users can also turn their TV off and on, turn up the volume, switch inputs, mute and change channels if you have connected an OTA antenna.
  2. Pandora Premium Support: We all know how popular Pandora is, so users will get the ability to discover and play your favorite song, album or playlist with an exciting option to make their own playlists and access personalized tracks depending upon their moods.
  3. Access and Control TuneIn, Pandora and iHeartRadio: You can launch live radio stations from different parts of the country, custom artist stations, podcasts and a lot more. Playing different types of music files from different sources have now made easy with this new feature. You can use voice commands using Roku remote, Remote Touch or Roku app for mobile devices. There is no need to subscribe to anything and you will get premium features with upgraded services.
  4. Automatic Volume Levelling: This feature allows you to have a uniform audio level on any content that you wish to watch. At times, the sound of commercials is higher than the content that is being watched and sometimes, the sound in content on one channel is higher than others, so instead of being annoyed, you will find the volume being adjusted automatically. You can access the volume mode setting by pressing the star button at the time of video playback when you have connected Roku TV wireless speakers to Roku TV.
  5. Speech Clarity: You can get better speech clarity by changing the voice frequencies and addressing intelligibility. You need to press the star menu when you connect Roku TV wireless speakers to Roku TV.
  6. Spotify: You get the ability to find, manage and share more than 35 million of songs for free, or you can upgrade to Spotify Premium to get hold to exclusive features such as Spotify connect, Offline mode, enhanced sound quality, and ad-free listening. To launch and navigate Spotify, users can use their Roku remote or Spotify Connect on their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

You need to update your Roku player to Roku OS 9 in order to access all the aforementioned features.

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