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Roku Brings To Light New Streaming TV Changes That Everybody Believed Was Apple Plans!

Roku has announced a few new changes on its platform recently, which will augment the way how Roku users watch premium movies and TV shows. Not just the company is focusing on providing a better platform for its users while watching premium movies and TV shows, but it will also help boost ad revenue.

Therefore, it can be deemed as a win-win situation for Roku because changes that bring a new breath of entertainment is always good, but when those changes open up new doors of revenue for a company, then there is nothing better than that.

Roku has always been managed to find a perfect balance between keeping the users satisfied with the content that is available on the platform along with features provided by the company and how to generate more revenue from the new changes that are incorporated into the platform.

Many experts who closely monitor things happening in Roku say that Roku has emulated Apple this time because of the whole buzz for the past few days as to how Apple will bring a new platform for its users who like to watch premium movies and TV shows. However, it is Roku, who is coming up with all the changes.

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with emulating your competitors, especially when they are planning to make certain changes that will catapult their platform to the top of the table in terms of eyeballs and revenue. Roku has done the same thing, as it found the Apple plans enticing, hence, decided to go ahead with it, while Apple is still thinking about how to make it happen.

Roku users who have subscribed to the Roku channel products will now be able to subscribe to paid content from Starz, Epix, Showtime and dozens of other lesser-known networks. For those of you who don’t know what Roku channel is, then it is a separate section of the Roku UI on TVs with Roku software and products. It should not be confused with Roku as a whole network because Roku consists of Roku channel.

Roku users who have subscribed to Roku channel will have the ability to watch all the movies and shows available on the new platforms even before they subscribe to the platforms. Moreover, they can enjoy TV shows and movies from their smartphones and tablets as well. When it comes to paying for the services that they have opted for, then that can be done through a single bill to Roku rather than having a separate bill for each service. Roku has always tried to keep things as simple as possible because easier things are managed in a better way.

With these imminent changes, media partners of Roku find a chance to integrate ad content inside of the Roku app rather than having the ads inside separate apps where fewer viewers will see the advertisements. With more ads pouring on the network, Roku along with its media partners will earn huge sums every month, which will be used to further strengthen the platform and make better content for the users.

Despite so many new channels appearing in this new change, there are some that were missed by Roku such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and other top channels. These channels will only be available outside the Roku channel, so users can go to the Roku’s home screen in order to access those channels.

However, Roku as of now wants users to pay attention towards the Roku channel, which doesn’t have all the aforementioned channels. Roku will surely search for a way to get those missed channels into the new platform because that will make things easier for Roku users, plus Roku will be able to earn more from the ads.

Regarding how this move is similar to Apple’s, then there were a lot of reports that Apple was also planning to blend its free original content with subscription channels inside of is TV app, which the company was looking to provide on iPhones and iPads, but that hasn’t been introduced yet, but may soon appear.

Not just Apple, but many other companies are planning to do the same, for example, Facebook, who is in talks with Starz, Showtime, and HBO to offer movies and TV shows for its Facebook Watch users.

It will be interesting to see how Roku users react to the changes made by the company and also, how much Roku earns from those changes.

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