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Roku and TCL Collaborates On a Mega Project ‘8K HDR TV’

TCL, a prominent TV manufacturer is again coming to surprise us, but this time around, the surprise is a lot more exciting. TCL is working on 8K television, which is superb, but the best part is that the company that is assisting TCL with this mega project is none other than Roku, which is also the software partner of TCL.

Both companies made the announcement on January 7, 2019, so the news can’t be put into the category of ‘rumors’ now. As far as the launch date of the TV is concerned, then the companies said that the 8K TV will be fully developed by the end of 2019 and as soon as it does, it will be up for sale in 2019 only.

Roku is incessantly working on developing an 8K hardware reference design, which obviously will be licensed by TCL in the first place before anybody else does. TCL has also touted the picture performance offered by its LCDs, which the company builds in its own factory. So, things look pretty exciting for those who love the collaboration of Roku and TCL along with those who are looking forward to seeing an 8K TV in 2019.

Both companies shared positive news regarding the new venture and refrained from saying anything about the hurdles they are facing or will face moving forward with this exciting but tough project.

The biggest hurdle for the companies is not to make an 8K TV because that is something they will somehow make, but the main point of concern is where will they get a suitable content for 8K because there hasn’t been any 8K content available on the internet and streaming channels. If we leave YouTube Sizzle reels, there is a dearth of content in 8K.

Companies like LG and Samsung claim that they have developed technologies, which deliver a conspicuous upgrade to 4K video. This seems to be a viable option, which Roku and TCL will opt for because selling an 8K TV to watch 8K quality content will attract fewer buyers than the buyers who are told that an 8K TV will offer better quality than 4K TVs.

Roku and TCL are smart companies, so they will eventually figure out as to which is the most suitable and safe way of selling their new product.

That was about Roku association with TCL, but as we all know Roku is a company that wants to tap every single platform relevant to its field. So, going by that reputation, Roku has planned to release a different hardware reference design with far-field microphones. What this will do is, this will open up a whole new horizon for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support directly on the TVs.

Alternatively, Roku could use it for its own voice command system that it is being worked on for the past couple of years now. As of now, Roku TVs are only compatible with Google Assistant, but having said that, Google Assistant is not the part of Roku platform. To be able to use Google Assistant on Roku, users must have an assistant device. As far as 8K is concerned, TCL has given a statement in which the company’s officials have told that TCL will be the first company to market with Roku TV, which comes equipped with built-in microphones and is set for launch in 2019.

Overall, it is going to be an exciting year for Roku users and the ones who always look forward to seeing new technologies emerging into the market. With the launch of 8K TV, TCL and Roku will begin a new war in the companies to manufacture the best 8K TVs, which will have a slew of other features as well that users won’t get in TCL and Roku manufactured 8K TVs.

Besides, Roku is going to launch Roku TV with built-in microphones, which is another exciting news for those who are planning to get a new streaming device with Roku as their first preference. Let’s see how things move on in 2019 for Roku.

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