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Is Your Roku 4 Not Turning on After Enabling ‘Auto Power Off’ Option?

Roku 4 is a streaming device that provides you with a platform to watch millions of videos and shows from online channels like Hulu, HBO Go, Netflix and many more. The setup process of Roku 4 is quite simple and easy. It pulls content from channels and brings it to your TV screen. As of now, Roku is available in more than 5 models. All these models are different from each other on the basis of performance and specifications.

Features available in the Roku 4:

  • Full HD support.
  • Shortcut buttons on the remote.
  • Easy to search across different channel service provider.
  • Mobile app available for casting content directly from phone to the TV screen.
  • You have the option to use the Roku player even at the hotel room.
  • Screen mirroring function available for windows browsers.
  • Fast loading of content.

Another feature that is amazing and popular on Roku 4 is ‘Auto power off’ option. This option will let the Roku turn off automatically after a specific interval of time if it remains idle for that time period. Some users are finding it difficult to use this feature. They report that their Roku is not turning on once it turns off. Today, we will discuss the steps to fix this problem.

  1. Roku 4 get heated when not in use. So, to avoid unnecessary heating, turn off Roku when not in use. This will save energy as well.
  2. To turn on the feature, Go to ‘Auto turn off’ option and open settings from ‘Remote’. When you turn on this option, the device will automatically shut down after 15 minutes.
  3. Though this is the latest update done by the Roku team there are too many drawbacks reported by users. They are getting the problem in turning on the Roku device after enabling ‘Auto turn off’ feature. We all know very well that there is no ON/Off button engrossed on Roku but you can restart Roku only by disconnecting the power leads.

Another fix to troubleshoot this problem is by ‘Updating the system to the latest firmware version. The steps to update the system are:

  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll down to open ‘System’ update.
  • Update the system by installing the update. This will take several minutes, so don’t rush.
  • Restart your device after successful installation.
  • You can now turn on and off your Roku from your remote without any problem.

In case you are still having any problem or want to update your system manually through stepwise instructions, then you can contact Roku customer support. The team will help you in understanding the steps. You will find the information provided by the team proved successful in your case.

Yes, another point to discuss here is that if you are using this feature, then you must check that the Roku device is activated online. If it is not activated, then some features will not function properly and you will find a problem in using it. To activate the device online, go to Roku com activate link.

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