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How To Resolve ‘Roku Not Connecting To The Internet’ Problem?

Roku Not Connecting

The problem of ‘Roku not connecting’ is, in fact, annoying, but many Roku users face it due to different reasons. If you can’t connect your Roku to the internet, then just follow the steps that are provided on the Roku setup website.

The entire functioning of Roku is premised upon how well the internet connection is. The stronger the internet connection is, the better would be the functioning of the Roku player. So, it is easy to imagine how big the problem of ‘Roku not connecting to the internet’ is. With no internet connection, Roku is just a piece of box and nothing else.

Roku works on both wired internet network as well as wireless internet network. When it comes to as to which type of network is fast and reliable, then I would pick a wired network, but if your Roku device is connected to the internet wirelessly, and is working properly, then there is no harm in using a wireless internet network. It is a personal choice of users as to which type of network they would like to go with.

But, the whole debate of which type of internet network is good is flushed into the toilet when a user finds out that his/her Roku device isn’t connecting to the internet. This is a common problem, and not to forget, an extremely annoying one too. If you are also facing this problem, then the first line of troubleshooting for you would be to check your router’s DNS settings, whether it is set properly to an extender IP address or not. If DNS1 or DNS2 are being displayed as internal IPs like 192.168.1.X, then it is confirmed that Roku is going to be connected to the internet.

Check out below-mentioned detailed troubleshooting:

  1. Log into your router settings: Launch the browser of your PC and enter ‘’ in the address bar just like you enter a website URL.

Note: Don’t add this default IP address in the Google Search, but add it directly in the address bar. You will be asked to enter username and password, which you can find at the back or at the bottom of the router if you haven’t changed it. If you don’t have these details, then contact your ISP.

  1. After getting into the router settings, you will have to navigate to DNS settings. The reason why Roku hasn’t been connected to the internet is that the router is set to use an internal IP address instead of an external IP address. (This issue can be solved in a PC, as it has the ability to overcome this because of its inbuilt DNS settings, but Roku device looks at the router to get the information).
  2. Replace the internal DNS address with public DNS address. If possible, you will have to use public DNS provided by Google. You can set DNS1 to and DNS2 to
  3. After entering values in DNS1 and 2, save all the settings.
  4. Now, run Roku setup and check if you can connect to the internet. If you can’t, then you will have to unplug the router for 15 seconds followed by plugging it back on. Do the same with the Roku device.
  5. If you have set the DNS properly, then you will easily be able to connect your Roku device to the internet.

If your Roku Not Working to the internet, then you will be able to stream anything from your Roku device.

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