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How To Fix Internet Connectivity Issues In Roku Streaming Player?

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Connectivity issues in Roku can halt the functioning of the device and your entertainment as well. The functioning of Roku depends totally on how good the internet connection is. If you are facing connectivity issues in your Roku device, then you can follow below-mentioned steps to fix it:

  1. Enter the correct name for your internet network: If you have connected your Roku to the internet via a wireless connection, then you have to make sure that you are connected to the right wireless network connection. Selecting a wrong wireless network name can cause network connection to fail.
  2. Enter the right Wi-Fi password: If you think you know the wireless password, but it is not working, then you need to try entering it again. It is quite normal to enter a wrong password, so enter it carefully. If there is any capital letter in the password, then press and hold ‘Shift’ key before entering that letter.
  3. Check if the router is working properly or not: You will have to use your computer or smartphone to connect to your home network and then, try accessing the internet by launching a website. If you are able to connect to the internet from another device, then your router is working fine and is providing normal internet access. If you are not able to connect to the internet, then restart your router. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then get in touch with your ISP.
  4. Improve the strength of wireless signal: If the password of your network connection is correct and other devices can easily connect to the wireless network, then there could be some problem with the strength of the wireless signal. The wireless signal tends to get weak when you are using it on a device that is barely within its signal range. Moreover, if there are obstacles in between, such as walls and cabinets, then the signal gets further obstruct.
  5. Restart your Roku media player along with the router
    1. To restart your Roku device, go to ‘settings’, then ‘system’ and finally ‘system restart’. You need to unplug the Roku player from the power source, wait for 5-6 seconds and then, reconnect it.
    2. To restart the router, you will have to get in touch with your ISP in case you don’t know anything about restarting the router. Generally, the router can be restarted by unplugging the router from the main power supply, then plugging it back in. There is a ‘reset’ button given on the back of the bottom of the router, which you can press to reset the device.

If you have previously connected your Roku player to your router, then it is going to reconnect automatically. If it is not reconnecting, or if you are setting up your Roku player for the very first time, then complete the network setup process.

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