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How The Problem Of ‘Roku Channels Crashing’ And ‘Firmware Not Updating’ Be Fixed At Roku Com Link?

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Roku can stop functioning due to a number of reasons. If you don’t know as to what has caused your Roku to stop functioning, then you need to visit the Roku setup website and find out the reasons along with the right solution.

When a top streaming device like Roku stops functioning, then it causes a huge amount of inconvenience to users. It is important for a company like Roku to acknowledge the problem, and then, take the right actions to fix the problem. Some Roku users have recently felt that their Roku players are not working in a proper manner. Some believe that the issue has appeared because of crashed or frozen apps, while others have blamed the issue on the outdated firmware of the device.

  1. Bugged Apps: If Roku channels are not working properly, i.e., getting crashed or frozen, then there is some issue with those channels. You will have to close those channels that are creating problems and access only those, which work fine. If all channels are crashing down or being frozen, then there is no other option but to reboot the device. For that, unplug the Roku device from power mains, then wait for a few seconds and finally, plug Roku back again.
  2. Roku’s firmware has become outdated: If the firmware of Roku has become out-of-date, and Roku is not receiving new updates, then you can try out the following process to fix this problem. Go to ‘home screen’, then ‘settings’, and under ‘settings’ option, select ‘system’, then, ‘system update’ and finally, ‘check now’. If you find an available update, then download and install the update. After that, you need to check the functionality of the channels.

If you are facing update related problems, then those have occurred due to the following errors:

  1. Firewall blocking your connection with Roku player update server: If Roku player is not receiving any update, then this could be due to an activated firewall. So, disable the firewall by logging into router settings. If you are using a Windows-based system, then launch your internet browser and then, connect the router to in the address bar. You can find ‘Firewall’ option in the control panel from where you can turn it off.
  2. TV not communicating with Roku update server: If your TV is not connecting with Roku update server, then you can fix this problem by connecting to a secret screen followed by updating Roku player from that screen. To get to the secret screen, you will have to use your Roku remote. Press the‘Home’ button five times followed by pressing ‘fast forward’ button three times and finally, ‘rewind’ button two times. After that, scroll to ‘update software’ option and then, click ‘Ok’.

These are the most common reasons that are responsible for halting the functioning of Roku. So if you think your Roku player has stopped working due to any of these reasons, then you can try out the solution that is given above, or you can call Roku to help and support providers as they can provide you with quick and reliable assistance.

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