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Google Assistant Support Now Available On Roku For Easy Search And Play Functions

A good news for all users who own Roku media streaming device for streaming movies, videos and TV shows through smart speakers, mobiles and other smart devices. Google has now started providing Google Assistant support to the Roku. This has made easier for Roku users to search for their favorite title through voice search. By connecting the Roku account to the Google account, Roku users can easily communicate with a Virtual assistant. This has made the life of people easier and simpler than earlier. You can control all the viewing experience just with your voice provided the function should be configured on Google Assistant.

To enjoy this, you need to update the Roku app to the latest OS version i: e 8.1 and add Roku account to the list of connected devices to Google assistant. After this, you can use Google assistant from your phone, smart speaker and even smart display to open movies show or favorite series from a channel like Hulu, HBO or Netflix. You can even control the playback controls through voice. Some of the famous commands you can use on your Roku includes ‘Open Roku channel on Roku’, Find comedies, pause my TV, etc.

If you own a Roku TV, then the same controls are possible from the comfort of the couch. You can turn on the Roku, change the level of volume or even mute it. Apart from this, if you want to change the channel of your source or switch to different HDMI, then speak through the voice assistant.

The only drawback is that this support is available only in the U.S as of now but is soon going to be available in other countries even. No press release in this regard has been released yet.

How to setup Roku Google assistant?

Roku complete guide on Incognito window with chrome is available for Google assistant support on Roku device. If you want to get the support, then you can read the steps from Roku support link. The basic steps to set up Google Assistant on Roku are given here as under:

  • First of all, you need to create a Roku account and make sure that the Roku device is updated to the latest version.
  • After this, go to google home app from the Android or iOS device and set up a new device. You will find a Roku given under the list of options available for connecting.
  • From here, connect your Roku account to the Google home app.
  • It is important to mention here that only single device is supported at a time on Google account for controls.
  • Once everything is done, simply speak ‘Pause’ from the Roku. It will pause the content played right now on the screen.

Supported Roku models

All Roku TV, Roku Express (3700, 3900X), Roku Express+, Streaming stick, Roku streaming stick+, Roku2, Roku3, Roku 4, Roku premiere (3920, 4620X). Roku 4210X, Roku 4200X, 4230X and Roku Premiere+, Roku ultra (4640X, 4660X, 4661X).

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