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Follow Your Favorite Shows Using My Feed On Roku Media Player

From ‘My feed’ section, you can easily search your favorite entertainment movies, TV shows, directors and actors and stay updated with the same when available at a lower price.

To go to ‘My feed’ section from the home screen, click on ‘Home screen’ and search for the latest updates with respect to Roku search partners.

How to follow your favorite entertainment

From the list of top channels, you can search for movies, TV shows and directors using Roku search.

  • Press the Home button from the Roku remote.
  • Scroll up and down to tap ‘Search’.
  • Start searching for a title, director, actor or producer you want to follow. When you enter a single letter, the results will start getting displayed.
  • Once the results you are searching for appeared on the screen, use the directional pad to access search results.
  • Click on the particular actor, director or title.
  • Click on ‘Follow this on Roku’ and press ‘OK’.

After adding a movie, title, actor or director in the following list, you will find the on-screen message confirming same and the updates from the participating channels will start coming on your Roku screen. As soon as any content gets updated on the channel, you will get the notification for the same on the screen and the option to stream and view will be available on the screen. For any information, you can contact Roku support.

Notes: If you want to check the recent items added in ‘My feed’ section. You can check it but it possible only after new content gets updated or received.

The latest updates if any will start appearing on the screen under ‘My feed’ section.

Getting updates in ‘My feed’

To access the updates under ‘My feed’ option, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open home screen with the help of Roku remote.
  • Scroll up and down to open ‘My feed’.

My Feed will notify when:

A movie or series of the show is available on Roku platform for the maiden time or available to watch at a lower price.

A TV show or series you have added is available to watch with new episodes in the list.

An actor or director you have added has a new movie or show for you to watch.

How to unfollow the item

In case you don’t want to receive any further updates from the selected channels, then you can unfollow it simply from the Roku search menu. Use the same steps to unfollow the actor, channel, director and title.

Another method to unfollow any item is by searching for particular stuff and open the details on the screen, from here click on ‘Unfollow’.

After unfollowing the actor, director or title, all the updates related to the same will stop receiving under Roku ‘My feed’ section. You will no longer receive any new update from the unfollowed feed.

Browsing popular movies and TV series

All the movies and TV shows available on Roku feed offer you to browse the latest and popular entertainment on Roku. You can instantly watch or add the movie or title to the ‘My feed’ section for later viewing.

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