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Easy Steps To Activate Amazon Instant Video On Roku

To watch your favorite stuff like movies, show or episode, you need a source in the form of a channel that can be downloaded from the app store. Amazon Instant Video is one of the top-used app available on the Roku platform. You can watch all the shows and movies that are available in this app library. The library itself keeps on updating after regular interval of time. What you need to do is, just subscribe to the plan.

After subscribing to the app, you will be given the activation code that is to be entered in the app when starting streaming content through it. If you want to activate it later, then you can do so but it must be remembered that some of the features will remain locked if you don’t activate your Roku account. Now, we are going to discuss steps for activating the account.

How to activate Amazon Instant video on Roku?

  • Open home screen of your player and click on ‘Amazon instant video’.
  • You need to login to the account to activate the products developed by Amazon. For this, go to and enter the details there.
  • The login details are required for activation of Amazon instant videos channel as well.
  • Now, enter the Amazon video PIN if prompted to do so.
  • If you are unaware of the PIN, then you can contact Amazon support for assistance.
  • Don’t enter your Roku PIN in this space. The Roku PIN is different from that of Amazon PIN. It is of 5 digits.
  • To get Amazon PIN, you can either ask your family member who uses your account or sends the query mail to
  • Activate Amazon instant video app on your Roku device after this.
  • You will find a complete list of shows and movies available in the Amazon instant video library. For more information, related to this, you can visit support.

How to activate the Amazon instant video app from PC:

  1. When you download and install the Amazon instant video app, you can watch millions of movies and shows available on Amazon video platform given you must activate your account.
  2. After opening the Roku Amazon account activation page, you have to enter the registration code.
  3. Enter the details in the registration page and click to register the device on the app.
  4. Login to the Amazon account from the laptop or tablet and start watching the stuff.
  5. You need to add the payment method in the Amazon settings page. If there is no payment method added, then you won’t be able to purchase any content from Amazon instant video app.
  6. Once you did with it. A welcome and success message will be displayed on the screen. You can configure the account according to your preference and watch list.

How to watch videos after activation?

Once you have done with the activation part, you can straight-forwardly watch videos by clicking on the app icon from the device screen. If you find any problem, you can contact Roku support. They will check if your internet is working or not. If it is working then, they will troubleshoot further otherwise, they will ask you to call ISP.

Furthermore, if you are getting the problem in activating other channels or installing them on your Roku device, then feel free to contact Roku support team. They will assist you in a best possible way.

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