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A Simple and Easy Guide to Connect Antenna TV Input on Roku TV

You might not be aware of this thing that Roku has inbuilt ATSC tuner car that provides easy connecting to ‘Over-the-air’ television. This is possible by connecting the HDTV antenna to the TV input port of Roku TV.

Connect your HDTV antenna

When you connect the TV antenna to the Roku TV through the port, then TV will start broadcasting the local shows available free to air. The number of channels and shows depends on the location from where you are watching. For more information about it, you can go to the Antenna web page.

For accessing the channels, connection to the TV is a must.

  • Connect the HDTV antenna to the Roku TV with the coaxial cable.
  • Turn on the TV, go to ‘Home’ and click to select the source. If you find no source on the screen, then head to ‘Settings’ and click on Add Antenna as an input option.
  • Read on-screen instructions and complete the configuration process within 5 minutes.

Note: You must consider the direction and placement of the antenna on the rooftop. If it is not properly placed, then you will find a problem in receiving the signal. We recommend you to set the direction of an antenna according to the position where you are receiving maximum signal strength.

Can you watch the program being broadcasted right now on HDTV?

Of course, yes you can watch the ongoing programs very easily through HDTV antenna connected to Roku TV. There is an inbuilt feature available by the name of ‘Smart Guide’ in Roku that lets you play the shows and movies broadcasted right now.

Connect to Cable TV source

If you are a cable subscriber, then you will have mammoth of channels to watch both in analog as well as in digital quality. No requirement of a set-top box for such conditions.

Connect your cable wire to the Ant port of your Roku TV. If there is a problem with the signal, then you can contact the local cable operator.

  • Now, connect the coaxial cable coming from the cable network to the Roku TV. You will find the Ant/cable port on your Roku TV.
  • Turn on the TV and go to ‘Settings’ from your TV. If you don’t find this source, then you can add it manually from the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Read the on-screen guide to complete the process.

Notes: If your cable TV requires a separate set-top box, then you can connect it easily to the TV. After this, you will be able to watch digital channels. For any query or further clarifications, you can contact local cable operator.

  • A standard Smart guide feature is absent in direct TV source.

What is an ATSC tuner actually?

This is an authorized system to watch digital quality content through streaming devices in the U.S. It is similar to a TV tuner card that is available inside the TV. All over-the-air networks in the US and Canada are digital in nature whereas Roku supports NTSC.

The primary use of ATSC tuner is to watch the over-the-air broadcast on TV by connecting to HDTV antenna to TV input given as Antenna input. The connection is established with the help of a coaxial cable.

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